Victory Vision Care

Victory Vision Care

About Us

Victory Vision Care is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provide quality, affordable eye care services to the many poor, vision-impaired individuals in the area of Ghana.

Our Mission and Goal

. To bring affordable eye care to the doorstep of remote communities that have no access to vision care.

. To educate patients on the causes of poor vision, the treatment of eye diseases, and where to go for eye treatment. This is done through public seminars.

. To organize trips for volunteer ophthalmologist to travel to Ghana to provide clinical and surgical treatment.

. To train rural community health workers, through volunteer ophthalmologists and optometrists, to recognize and treat minor eye problems and refer serious problems to ophthalmologists for prompt attention. This includes presenting new medical and surgical techniques to local eye doctors.

. To establish a well equipped facility that provides vision screenings to check for cataracts, glaucoma, refractive errors, and other eye problems and diseases, and to provide medical treatments and dispense eyeglasses.

VVC History

Kwame Amanfoh and his wife, Margaret Amanfoh are natives of Ghana and founders of VVC. After graduating from the Ophthalmic Medical Program at Georgetown University, Kwame realized that the magnitude of the blindness problem in Ghana was overwhelming, and the need was huge for all the communities. In Africa, particularly Ghana, we don’t have enough eye doctors. Only about one in 10 people who are blinded by cataract ever receive surgery. Also millions of Ghanaians are blind or in danger of becoming blind if existing knowledge and treatment do not reach them in time.To fulfill this mission, VVC works closely with the local Ghanaian eye doctors. VVC has established vision screening center in the Brong Ahafo Region where it provides eye exams and dispenses eyeglasses. Thanks to the commitment and involvement of many volunteers, VVC continues to provide quality eye care services to people living in the Ghana’s most rural areas. VVC aims to have their services available to other regions in the near future.

How You Can Help……

To prevent the fate of blindness, we invite you to help us reach others who cannot afford eye care or have no access to eye care. We accept financial assistance for purchasing and shipping items. We also accept donations of equipment, medications, eyeglasses, or any other items that will help our cause.

If you really want to make a difference, please, make your donation(s) to Trinity Baptist Church, 2009 West Arrowood Road, Charlotte, NC 28217-2248. Phone: 704-527-7933.  Email:
Or contact the President and founder of Victory vision Care: Kwame Amanfoh, OMP, phone: 704-777-4868 email: or write to: 7415 Coffey Creek Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273

Your support is changing lives.